The Boudoir by Veronica Experience | Annapolis

woman posing boudoir ideas

A boudoir photoshoot with us is not about lingerie, being naked, booty shots, or making you feel ‘exposed.’ 

It’s a lot about joy—true, raw, un-bound joy.  It’s about finding it, dancing with it, letting it flood through the cracks.  

It’s about not taking anything too seriously–it’s about celebrating exactly who you are, in this moment.  It’s letting go of everything that isn’t meant for you, and welcoming all that is. 

Sure, you will tell me you’re nervous–you may lose a little sleep leading up to the big day.  And in those first few clicks of the camera, you’ll feel awkward as hell and we will laugh.  Before too long, the reason you are laughing is because you can’t BELIEVE you were nervous or worried about this experience. 

This hour and a half you spend with me will be whatever you decide it is.  If you just decide to exhale, laugh, and give me every ounce of creative control, you’ll look back at these beautiful photographs and see the story of your life…of the woman who has always been there, even when you were convinced she wasn’t.  

Your doubts and insecurities can’t possibly roar louder than my determination to help you see you.

You can do this.

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