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Wife, boy-mom, traveler, connoisseur of brownies and music lover. I'm passionate about working with women intent on becoming the very best version of  themselves.

I'm here to be a mirror to reflect back to you what true beauty looks like. It's already there--it's in you. I'll help you reconnect to the goddess in you or discover it for the very first time.  
And the effects of taking time to honor your body and sensuality will remain with you long after we've wrapped your session.

In turn, that confidence and power will reveal itself in other areas of your life. This is the experience you've been looking for: the freedom to explore and celebrate your sensuality through sublime, sultry images you will cherish for all time. 

Fact 1 | Travel is my love language. I love to explore, get lost, and find myself in the process.  My favorite destinations so far are Amsterdam & Greece. Next on my list are the Amalfi Coast & Nairobi.

Fact 2 | I love to change my hairstyle & color often.  I'm not afraid to try new things when it comes to my hair but my favorite style is definitely the undercut which I kept for 11 years.

Fact 3 | I'm an introvert who is also very introspective. I'm always looking to understand my thoughts and feelings on things that challenge me. It helps me to stay connect to who I am.

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