Perfection? No such thing. | Annapolis Boudoir

When I opened the doors to my boudoir business, I figured I’d play with poses and watch my clients live their best lives in gorgeous hair/makeup…but I never considered this would mean anything deeper than that.

The women who came in to the studio would get in the chair would be so nervous that they hadn’t slept the night before. Some would be near tears as their talked about an impending divorce or recent break up from an abusive relationship. 

I was floored.  Some of the most beautiful women I had ever seen were in my studio, pouring out their souls and I would drive home thinking about how if these women had passed me on the street, I would have assumed their lives were perfect…that they never hurt or struggled…that because they were STUNNING, they were exempt from ever feeling bad about themselves. 

woman posing by window in annapolis boudoir studio

Remember as you scroll through my images and think that you could “never look like her”…that even the most beautiful woman on my feed has insecurities.  Just because her body is toned or her face is stunning, there is so much lurking beneath the surface. 

Even though you might think you are a hot mess or living the non-glamorous life, STAY AWAY from the comparison game. 

No, you won’t look like her, you will look like you…but you won’t look like the version of yourself that you see each day in your bathroom mirror.  You will look like the version of you that has come alive. 

You can do this.

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