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Pour a glass of wine and settle in as you explore client images and their personal accounts of their intimate portrait experience at our Maryland Boudoir Studio. These are the stories behind the women.


boudoir pose of woman laying on the couch presented by boudoir by veronica, best maryland photographer in annapolis

I understand the importance of creating a space where women feel comfortable and confident, a space where they can let go of their inhibitions and explore their true selves. When I welcome you into my boudoir studio, this a safe haven. A place for you to embrace your femininity and sensuality and SEE your body […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

This Is Your Safe Space

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

So you haven’t booked your session yet because you feel like you’ll have to be ON. You’ll be required to bring the drama and you just don’t know if you can. Breaking news. That’s not for you to worry about.  It’s not your job to set the mood in the studio or to create great […]

You Are A Stunning Work of Art – Annapolis Boudoir Photographer

woman posed on bed. boudoir posing ideas

This is Cindy at 59. “Women are powerful and beautiful and I wanted to celebrate that. I booked my photo shoot because wanted to celebrate where I am in my life. I’ll be 60 soon–it’s now or never! Society praises youth but at 59, I can say that I don’t want to go back. I’ve […]

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Cindy: “I’m turning 60, it’s now or never!” – Maryland Boudoir

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Woman: Uncensored 2023

This is Amber on turning 40. Thank you for spending your birthday with us Amber. We hope to see you again soon! I recently turned 40 and struggled with the thought of getting older. I never imagined I would be turning 40 single and having no children. I just knew that by the time I […]

Amber: “I struggled with getting older.” – Annapolis Boudoir

Woman Uncensored is a boudoir photo project by Boudoir by Veronica

Fierce. Magnetic and Undeniably Sexy. As a boudoir photographer, I see myself not only as someone who takes creates images but as a purveyor of sensuality, a supporter, a cheerleader and a friend. For years I have encouraged women in Maryland and beyond to be true to themselves by consistently tapping into everything that makes […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman, Woman: Uncensored 2023

I Am a Woman Uncensored – Boudoir by Veronica

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman

“I was approaching 44 feeling lost and powerless. I was exhausted from feeling like I was stuck in a cycle of feeling like my life was out of my hands. I am a recovering people-pleaser and I didn’t realized how bad it was until I noticed that I’m always there for people to my own […]

“I Took Back My Power”

Boudoir photography is for women of all shapes and sizes in Maryland

No longer being in your 20s or 30s doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy and confident! And no matter your age, size, ethnicity or orientation, boudoir is for YOU! A boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to capture that feeling of confidence and can serve as a beautiful affirmation. Boudoir at every stage in your […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir for All Women

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman

Boudoir photography is a great way for women to express their boldness and confidence. It’s a unique form of art that requires creativity, courage, and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. Whether you’re looking to document a special milestone, celebrate a new chapter in your life, or simply express your boldness, boudoir […]

A Story That is Uniquely Yours – Annapolis Boudoir

A boudolr photographer in Maryland explaining how she helps women to build confidence through images they love

This is Arlette at 49. “I had been following Veronica for a while on instagram and I just loved her energy. I always wanted to do a boudoir shoot and I got tired of putting it off. I had all the excuses and mainly I kept saying I was going to lose weight. I decided […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Woman: Uncensored 2023

Arlette: “I’m tired of putting it off.” – Annapolis Boudoir

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Woman: Uncensored 2023

Making the decision to do a boudoir shoot was a decision to love myself; to put myself and my body first. I was turning 40 the week after my session date and I knew I needed this. The thought of turning 40 terrified and saddened me. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d […]

Boudoir as a Bold Statement

How to embrace your womanhood and femininity

I went into the business of empowering women because we’re the bomb. Plain and simple. We are the backbone of families and communities. We are strong, powerful, and resilient. And just as just as we are praised for showing up strong for others, we should be showing up for ourselves. There was a time where […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman

5 Tips to Embrace Your Womanhood

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman

Thinking about a boudoir shoot at our Maryland studio but think you’ll be judged for doing a session? It’s important to remember that you are the only one who determines your worth and how you live your life. If you want to do a photo shoot, do it. I mean honestly, who is going to […]

Be True to Who Your Are – Maryland Boudoir Photographer

intimate boudoir experience with maryland boudoir photographer

As a boudoir photographer, I’m often asked what the experience is like between the photographer and the client. It’s an intimate relationship that’s built upon trust, understanding, and a sense of comfort.  I take my time to get to know each of my clients, so that we can build a connection before the shoot. We […]

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer

The Intimate Boudoir Experience

Client Experience, Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Working with my boudoir clients is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I love the feeling of helping clients reconnect with their inner beauty, while also providing a safe and supportive space to explore their sensuality. Every client is unique and brings a different perspective to the boudoir experience. We begin […]

I Love Working w/ My Clients – Maryland Boudoir

A SENSUAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE LIKE NONE OTHER Everyday women tell themselves stories of how they feel undeserving. They don’t feel confident enough to make a declaration of self-love and worthiness. Boudoir by Veronica is a safe space for you to begin to change the narrative. No more playing small, no holding back. Embrace the woman […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Let’s Change the Narrative – Annapolis Boudoir