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If you’re anything like the beautiful women who have already had a session with me, you probably think you don’t have what it takes to go through with a boudoir shoot of your own. I promise: YOU DO!

I totally get it.  I’m a wife and mom to three boys on top of being a career woman and the planner of all things for my family and business.  After I had my third son, I realized I had gotten so wrapped up in all of them that I forgot to fill me up too.  In order to live a whole and fulfilled life, I had to learn to make myself a priority and do so without guilt.  I can’t say there’s a magic formula to it but simply a decision.  

When you decide to be more aware of your priorities (and make yourself one in the process), suddenly you’re also able to create space to reconnect with yourself.  

So, whether you’re a single career woman, caring for family members, a mom, a girlfriend, married or divorced, I implore you not to get so lost in doing “all the things” that you lose yourself in the busy-ness of it all.

I chose boudoir because I know there is magic in showing women like you it’s ok to be all the things you already are AND be sexy and comfortable in your skin.  I can encourage women to be loving toward themselves; to live unapologetically and own every bit of who they are.  

Life is too short to live any other way.

You can do this.

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