Happiness Depends on You | Maryland Boudoir

When I was 19 (oh so many moons ago), I started a blog called “Memoirs of an Army Brat” I would chronicle my daily thoughts and weekly adventures which, at that time, were plenty as I was already living on my own.

From time to time, I also wrote about how I felt I was always searching outside of myself for something. Something to make me happy. I discussed how I wanted out of life and the kind of person I wanted to be. I wanted to “figure myself out” more than anything in this world.

Something amazing happens when you begin to face yourself and ask hard questions. You begin to hold yourself accountable and shapes your character. You begin to see yourself for who you are and believe it with undeniable conviction. You also begin to shed all the lies you’ve ever been told about yourself.

As time went on, I finally learned how to accept, love and be ok with my imperfections.

After running the blog consistently for 5 years, I wrote one final blog post. I’d come to the realization that happy is something you make a decision to be. It’s active yet it’s not something to be pursued. The more you give chase to it, the more it will allude you.

But when you set your mind to BEING anything, you will become it.

And that’s not to say that you’re going to FEEL happy all the time but being in the right state of mind leads to joy. And joy is the ultimate goal because it is not dependent outward circumstances.

You can do this.

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