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From time to time, women share with me their greatest concern is the cost of the experience and products. Cost is an area often misconceived to be unattainable to some and is misunderstood by others. Is boudoir expensive? That all depends on your idea of expensive which is completely relative to your own perspective and […]

Making the Boudoir Experience Affordable

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Thistle & Spire is one of those brands that make me ooh and ahh every single time. And one the things I love about Thistle & Spire is they also have buxom options. This means they’re size inclusive and their bra cup sizing goes beyond fitting only those with more petite bust lines. The designs […]

Thistle & Spire – Lingerie Brand Spotlight

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While we are SUPER serious about our clients’ privacy if they wish to keep their images anonymous or completely private, we LOVE when our clients allow us to share their images and create behind the scenes videos. They get to show other women that it’s ok to love who you are and to love and […]

Behind the Scenes With My Clients

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Wondering what to wear for your boudoir shoot? We’ll I’ve got you covered! When you book you boudoir session, you’ll receive our exclusive clients only “Session Prep Guide”. It offers tips & tricks on how to prepare for your session, links to places to shop and outfit examples and ideas. And if that’s not enough, […]

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot

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“One photograph is powerful enough to not only remind you of an event or detail, but can bring you right back to the feelings, sounds, and even smells of the moment.” – Unknown Photography is important to me because it’s a powerful tool to help you remember who you were then and who you are […]

Document Your Life | Maryland Boudoir

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So many women talk themselves out of doing things they may enjoy.  But have you heard of the book, “The Year of ‘Yes’”?  The author talks about how her automatic response to everything in life was “no” if it didn’t revolve around her career. Even then, she was terrified to attend networking events or say yes […]

It All Starts With Yes

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I talk with women on a daily basis and I do this because I want you to see that you are beautiful and powerful and encourage you to be in command of exactly who you are in that time in your life. There is no magic we’re working here. My makeup artists work to highlight […]

Capturing What’s Already There

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  You have to be committed. And I mean shoulder deep. You have to be willing to surrender– no matter what that means for you. When you embark on a journey to your total transformation and investing more in your self-care, you have to deeply trust yourself and trust the process. Even when it gets uncomfortable. […]

Be Willing to Surrender | Maryland Boudoir

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So you’re thinking about a boudoir photography session and I know you’ve made so many excuses why you shouldn’t this. Oh, but you really want to, right? Let’s find the reasons instead of making excuses. There are a myriad of reasons why anyone should do this. And whether you’re looking to spice up the romance between […]

Get Off the Fence…

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For today’s post, I have two things my heart to share with you. ONE: You exist in abundance. You are enough, you are doing enough, you have enough. Even if you feel like you’re in the lowest valley you’ve ever been, I promise you, you are still doing an amazing job. You are incredible because […]

You Are Enough | Maryland Boudoir

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In my studio, you never have to fear being ashamed or judged. I like to remind my clients that this studio is the judgment-free zone. Before your session we discuss exactly the types of images you want to capture and how far you’d like for me to push you. You can tell me what you […]

Lindsey’s Boudoir Photoshoot in Maryland

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When I saw Nicolle for the very first time, the first thing I noticed was her eyes, her fly nails and bold haircut. There lies a special place in my heart for women who shave their heads. Possibly because I am one–but even as child I was fascinated by the first two women I’d ever […]

Affirmation – The True Boudoir Experience

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C chose to remain anonymous and didn’t mind sharing her images as long as her face was not showing. I love hearing from my clients and how the intimate portrait experience changes them. In this post, C shares her testimonial about her experience, the peaks and valleys leading up to session day and how she […]

Getting Intimate with C.

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One of the questions I’m often asked is whether or not I’ll provide black & white or color images from your session. I love bold and contrasty light and stick to that as my shooting style but the best part about shooting in this style is that most, if not all, of the images look […]

Black & White vs. Color

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My clients come from many different backgrounds. They also choose to do a session with us for a myriad of reasons. Of all the differences my clients have though, there is a common ground on which they stand: Every one of them has had an experience that challenged the way they saw themselves. Some of […]

Boudoir Chose Me

Self-Love is a difficult concept for most of us to understand, mainly because so many of us suffer from body image problems and societal pressures that force an ideal on us. A dream that we are not beautiful or even slightly attractive. This is why Boudoirs photography sessions exist in Washington Dc to prove you wrong.

Boudoir Photography in Washington DC sessions are quite essential. Due to the reason that they bring out the inner beauty in you and also make you realize that you are so much more than a mere mortal body. You are a soul that shines and rises above the rest in the crowd.

• Why Are Boudoir Photography Sessions Important?

Do you know those paintings from the late 16th & 17th centuries that people obsess over? They are called Renaissance Era paintings. Boudoir sessions make you feel exactly like those paintings, like artwork from the late period that is handcrafted and designed to be showcased as a beautiful prize. That is what you are and what you deserve to be. With Boudoir sessions, you will be able to see yourself in ways you have never imagined before.

Your self-image matters as it can boost your physical and mental peace and make you more inclined towards spiritual and more trust-worthy towards your relationships. Not only this, but you will also feel more empowered and willing towards your true Goddess Self.

• Boudoir Photography for Two Women in Dc

Do you know the other thing more beautiful than a woman? It’s two women, especially those who pose together. You are asking for a sweet that is made with gentle care and pure elegance, with aesthetically pleasing infusions created with fire. A boudoir photography session in Washington DC for two women is one of the best things about Boudoir Photography. This is because you now appreciate the pure blissful beauty and aesthetically pleasing mirages of another skin touching against yours.

• Bringing Out the Sexiness in You

An important note for every woman out there, you are not something that should be hidden. What you are is a delicacy to be unwrapped and savored. That is the exact feeling Washington DC Boudoir sessions give you. They bring out the inner sexiness in you so that you can feel more confident within yourself.

• Are Boudoirs Sessions Affordable?

A part where many women get uncomfortable is that are Boudoir’s photography sessions affordable? Each company is different, and they have different sets of guidelines embedded in their packages that will make affordability the utmost ease for you. At Boudoir by Veronica, we offer compatible packages that are the best fit according to the budget of our clients.

Book your Veronica Boudoir Session

With our boudoir photography sessions, are you ready to unleash your true magnificent self? Veronica will take you for a wild ride that will leave you feeling aesthetically pleasing and utterly stupendous!

Veronica’s Guide for the Full Boudoir Photography experience in Washington DC