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Pour a glass of wine and settle in as you explore musings on Self-love, Pleasure Rituals, And Images from my client sessions along with their personal accounts of the intimate portrait experience at our Maryland Boudoir Studio. These are the stories behind the women.


The 2nd Edition of the Sensual Affirmations Journal is finally here! I’ve designed this guided self-care for individuals looking to deepen their connection with their sensuality and cultivate a more positive self-image. This journal is beneficial for: The Sensual Affirmations Journal serves as a a guide to full self-expression. It’s a tool to help you […]


Affirmations to Increase Confidence & Sensuality

Client Experience, Woman: Uncensored 2023

The Woman: Uncensored: THIS IS 53 Life will throw all types of unexpected twists at us. And this is when women reveal their true strength. After a near-fatal motor vehicle accident shatterer Telisa’s sense of control and turned her world upside down. This session was to make a statement that she is back and better […]

Telisa | A Come Back Story | Maryland Boudoir

Stacey’s Experience: This is 52 My boudoir studio is a safe space for women reclaim their narratives, celebrating every curve, every line, and their personal truths. Age is just a number, and sexy is an attitude. And I’ve created The Woman: Uncensored Intimate Portrait Series with the mission to highlight the beauty and authenticity of […]

Client Experience, Woman: Uncensored 2023

Authentic Beauty: The Woman: Uncensored Boudoir Series in Maryland

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, The Empowered Woman

The Right Time Will Never Come If I had invested five dollars for every time I’ve heard a woman say, “I’m waiting for the right time” or “I need to lose weight first,” I’d never have to work again. These refrains have become the background music to my years as a boudoir photographer, a constant […]

Why Waiting is Overrated – A Boudoir Photographer’s Perspective

feminine embodiment journal, emotional self care for black women

Introducing the Sensual Affirmations Journal: A Pathway to Feminine Empowerment The Sensual Affirmations journal feature pages lovingly crafted to guide you through feminine exploration and empowerment. This is your invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing every nuance and layer of your femininity with curiosity, love and compassion. Overflowing with 190+ pages of […]

Awaken Sensual Yoga, Positive Affirmations, Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

The Sensual Affirmations Journal

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman, Woman: Uncensored 2023

Shame is a powerful and insidious force that can have a profound impact on our lives, particularly when it comes to our connection to our feminine essence. Our feminine essence is the part of us that is nurturing, intuitive, creative, and receptive, and it is essential for our overall well-being. However, shame can disconnect us […]

woman wrapped in bedsheets photographed by boudoir by veronica depicting a woman who is comfortable with her femininity and has released shame around her body and sensual nature

Shame & Femininity

maryland boudoir, Washington DC boudoir studio

Affirmations are positive statements repeated to oneself with the intention of influencing one’s thoughts and behaviors. Accordingly, affirmations are used as a tool for self-improvement, personal development and manifestation and are typically framed in a way that reflects a desired state or outcome. The idea behind using affirmations is based on the belief that our thoughts […]

Positive Affirmations, Uncategorized

5 Powerful Deserving Affirmations

The Empowered Woman

I was having an intense conversation with a guy I was dating. There I was at work, in my cubicle, whisper-arguing with this young man about lies he had told. I’m sure my coworkers got their fill of tea that morning and at some point I heard myself say to him, “I deserve better than […]

You Deserve Better

main picture featured for the blog post titled 8 affirmations for the sensual woman

One of the things I hear most from my clients is “I don’t know how to be sexy. I don’t know if I’m the sensual woman I want to be.” My only response: You already are and I’ll show you. One of the things I like to acknowledge in all people is that if they have […]

Positive Affirmations, Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

8 Affirmations for the Sensual Woman

Positive Affirmations, Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

When I was a teenager, I would always hear my mother saying. “What you put out in the Universe (your thoughts, words or feelings) will come back to you.” I used to think Universe this, Universe that. Blah. Blah. Little did I know, she was on to something. When I faced difficult times and I’d talk […]

positive affirmations journal for sensuality hand held to show size and landscape orientation of the daily affirmations notebook

How and Why You Should Use Affirmations

Have you ever wanted to explore your sensuality but felt embarrassed or ashamed? Don’t worry, connecting your sensual-self is not taboo, and as some may assume, it’s not always associated with sex but once you get comfortable with yourself, it makes sensual sexual experiences even better. I’ll start by declaring: You deserve to experience pleasure and […]

Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

3 Ways to Connect to Your Sensual Self

Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

What comes to mind when you hear, read, think, say the word “erotic”? What do you feel in your body? Intrigue? Do you blush? Discomfort? Shame? Desire? As we all understand, it can be used to describe arousing or passionate sexual experiences. But what does it mean in terms of how we live our lives? […]

Beyond Sex: Exploring the Fullness of Erotic Living

In Annapolis, Maryland, our boudoir studio celebrates mature women with “The Woman: Uncensored” series. As we enter our third and final year, women’s courage and confidence inspire other women. Over the last three years my clients have boldly proclaimed, “I’m still here, beautiful, and sexy,” embracing their beauty with pride. Boudoir for Mature Women Throughout […]

Maryland Boudoir Photographer, Woman: Uncensored 2023

Celebrating Mature Women with Boudoir Photography in Maryland

Awaken Sensual Yoga

This blog post features affiliate links Embarking on your sensual yoga journey can be a deeply enriching and expansive experience. There are lots of essentials you can use during your practice but for my sensual yoga classes I like to keep things simple. I also believe it’s important to create a space that nurtures your […]

Essentials to Support Your Sensual Yoga Practice

woman in moody photo sitting in cross legged yoga pose - sukhasana

Over the last year and a half, I’ve gone back and forth about what to do about “Boudoir by Veronica” and what I wanted to see from my business in the future. I had made solid decisions but had yet to implement any more than 20% of it. I was even resistant to taking action, […]

The Empowered Woman

Change Always Forces Change