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Pour a glass of wine and settle in as you explore musings on Self-love, Pleasure Rituals, And Images from my client sessions along with their personal accounts of the intimate portrait experience at our Maryland Boudoir Studio. These are the stories behind the women.


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Introducing the Sensual Affirmations Journal: A Pathway to Feminine Empowerment The Sensual Affirmations journal feature pages lovingly crafted to guide you through feminine exploration and empowerment. This is your invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, embracing every nuance and layer of your femininity with curiosity, love and compassion. Overflowing with 190+ pages of […]

Awaken Sensual Yoga, Sensual Musings, The Empowered Woman

The Sensual Affirmations Journal

Awaken Sensual Yoga

This blog post features affiliate links Embarking on your sensual yoga journey can be a deeply enriching and expansive experience. There are lots of essentials you can use during your practice but for my sensual yoga classes I like to keep things simple. I also believe it’s important to create a space that nurtures your […]

Essentials to Support Your Sensual Yoga Practice