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You have to be committed. And I mean shoulder deep. You have to be willing to surrender– no matter what that means for you. When you embark on a journey to your total transformation and investing more in your self-care, you have to deeply trust yourself and trust the process. Even when it gets uncomfortable. And when you come in for your session, I only ask that you trust my process, how I pose and what I’m asking of you. I’ve been shoulder deep in the business of photography for 11 years…8 years exclusively boudoir so I’m ALL IN. I wake up each day committed to helping women realize their worth and their beauty.

The only thing required for you to be ready for this experience, is decide to lean in to the fear even when it threatens to drown you. Set aside your fears, your doubts, your grief, your insecurities…everything you feel holding you back from experiencing the life you want. Commit, surrender and immerse yourself in your transformation. This is your investment toward seeing yourself in a new light and gaining a whole new perspective. You have to decide you want that for yourself.

That is all that’s needed. You don’t have to lose weight or have surgery first, you don’t need to give the images to someone else as a gift. 

Once you make the CHOICE–the choice to dig DEEP, let it all go and cut ties with your excuses, nothing else will get in your way. Not money, not time, not distance. How do I know? 

Because, as we all know:  nothing can stop a woman who’s made up her mind. 

You can do this.

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