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So you’re thinking about a boudoir photography session and I know you’ve made so many excuses why you shouldn’t this. Oh, but you really want to, right? Let’s find the reasons instead of making excuses. There are a myriad of reasons why anyone should do this. And whether you’re looking to spice up the romance between you and someone you love or embark on a journey of self-love, this is an amazing and sexy way to send your confidence through the roof.

Embrace Your Unique Beauty

Society puts so much pressure on women to fit a certain standard. As a result, we become overly critical of ourselves and see more negative than positive. We also tend to think back to the past when we were thinner, younger and happier. Or maybe we feel we’ve never been any of those things. But it’s time to step into your personal power by embracing your unique beauty. The scars, wrinkles, curves, stretch marks; they are all a part of your amazing story. They’re what make you, YOU and that’s worth celebrating.

Gain a New Perspective

During your session, we won’t be turning back time but celebrating you right now. During your session in our Maryland studio, you’ll be able to let go and be vulnerable. This is the no judgement zone–a safe place for you to release the hold your insecurities have on you. I see the beauty in your and I’ll reflect it back to you in these photographs. As someone who has had their own struggles, I know it takes time to build your confidence and it won’t be done it just one shoot. But it is one hell of a start and when you have those down days, you’ll be able to pull out your album or look up at your wall art and see what a badass babe you truly are. You don’t need to look at tv or magazine and all the fake unattainable beauty. You have your very own proof that YOU ARE beautiful in front of you.

It’s Okay To Do This Just For You

Mom guilt much? Not here, girl! These sessions are first and foremost about you and refilling your cup. As a mom of three, I can tell you that as my happiness grows, so does that of my family. As I am fulfilled, they are edified. It is SO important for us as moms, career women, women pursuing higher education, women who work hard, long hours to take time for ourselves. If you’re ready to take the leap and do something for yourself for a change, you can Contact Us today!

You can do this.

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