It All Starts With Yes

So many women talk themselves out of doing things they may enjoy.  But have you heard of the book, “The Year of ‘Yes'”?  The author talks about how her automatic response to everything in life was “no” if it didn’t revolve around her career. Even then, she was terrified to attend networking events or say yes to being the keynote at speaking engagements.  She began to challenged herself to say “Yes” more often. Not to give too much away but it led her on an adventure of enjoying life more fully. Her life changed in ways she didn’t expect; her experiences were richer, happier and her family life flourished.

In 2019, I began my own journey of saying “yes” more often.  Before then, I feared doing anything that was outside of my comfort zone and if it didn’t involve my children or husband, it was an automatic no. And it was crippling. Even when my husband would encourage me to do things, I could not bring myself to do them.

But as I started to step outside of that, my life changed in so many ways.  I became more confident, I smiled more, I enjoyed my relationships more. I started to feel like I was truly becoming the woman I was meant to be.

While I still enjoy saying “no”, it’s not out of fear. “No” is now in place to protect my peace and my boundaries. It no longer keeps me from enjoying experiences I later wished I had said “yes” to.

And I encourage any woman who crosses my path: Say yes more often. Because time won’t wait for you. Months, years will go by and you’ll look back and wish you had done everything you wanted to do. Because one fact in life is, you really can do it all. Just not all at once. So enjoy this one life, spend it well and you’ll be able to look back with fond memories, exuberant laughter and boundless joy. And it all starts with “Yes”.

You can do this.

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