Getting Intimate with C.

C chose to remain anonymous and didn’t mind sharing her images as long as her face was not showing.

I love hearing from my clients and how the intimate portrait experience changes them. In this post, C shares her testimonial about her experience, the peaks and valleys leading up to session day and how she felts after her session.

When I booked my session, I knew this was the one thing that I needed to celebrate myself and my accomplishments. I was so excited at first but as time passed, I lost momentum and excitement about the shoot. I was hoping to get my mojo back and I knew there would be nice photos that came from it. For some reason, I didn’t think I would enjoy the process anymore. I also low key thought that your email response about what I wrote on my survey was just your standard response to everyone’s submissions.

But on the day of, Ana, took really good care of me and was fun to talk to while she did my makeup. She made me feel beautiful, comfortable and at ease. And when you and Ana were discussing the phrase and book I shared in my questionnaire and talked about how it moved you, I really felt seen, heard and not like just some person you were going to take pictures of.

Your excitement about me, my outfits, hair, makeup, etc. were really encouraging in making me feel excited, especially because I kinda wasn’t even feeling it anymore. As a person who barely knows what to do with myself in selfies I appreciated every last one of your directions! I absolutely needed them and you were so attentive to every little detail and it never felt awkward. I never felt rushed or silly.

Even when you decided to capture spontaneous positions, I was encouraged because you got so excited and it just made me more confident that you’re really good at what you do. Further, you took my wet t-shirt idea to another level and at every step I just felt like you were really invested in me as a person.

Obviously taking pictures takes a level of technical skill, but I really felt like this is a gift of yours that’s so much deeper than that. Thank you for sharing it with me and other women. Lol I know you have to put a price on it, but it’s worth much more than money itself.  Thank you, Veronica.

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