Boudoir Chose Me

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My clients come from many different backgrounds. They also choose to do a session with us for a myriad of reasons. Of all the differences my clients have though, there is a common ground on which they stand: Every one of them has had an experience that challenged the way they saw themselves. Some of those experiences cause them to question what they were conditioned to believe about themselves. They begin to see themselves in new ways or regained a part of themselves they thought were lost forever.

I’m often asked why I chose to become a boudoir photographer and the truth is, boudoir chose me. For a long time, all I wanted was for women to feel a sense of freedom in who they were because I was given that at such a young age. And then life knocked the wind out of me. I battled with anxiety and depression and I had to fight to find myself again. Over time, I was able to taste the beauty of redemption. I found strength through those who commanded me to see my own worthiness again. And now my life is one big pay-it-forward movement.

It is my duty to push you off your own ledge. The version of yourself you’ve built. And as you stand on the edge, waiting for something to happen, I’m there telling you that you have to stop waiting. Waiting for someone to care to change your circumstances, to change your very life. It’s my purpose here, to show you how much power is within you. You write your own story and it starts today.

You can do this.

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