Making the Boudoir Experience Affordable

boudoir photo album with acrylic cover

From time to time, women share with me their greatest concern is the cost of the experience and products. Cost is an area often misconceived to be unattainable to some and is misunderstood by others.

Is boudoir expensive? That all depends on your idea of expensive which is completely relative to your own perspective and feelings around your own financial standing. Another factor would be what you deem something to be worth whether educated or not about industry standards.

My clients all agree though that this is experience is 100% worth the investment. Investment in putting themselves first and they also know that they are working with one the best boudoir photographers in Maryland. Yes, it’s actually be put to quite a few community votes AND, I pride myself on giving the very best of myself to each and every client. But I digress.

A question you may be asking is “Why should I invest more in my experience when there’s a girl who does shoots for way cheaper?”

The answer is, you simply will not get the same level and quality of experience you’re supposed to get.

I’ve had some clients who have had session previously with other “cheaper” photographers in the area and they come to me for a re-do because things didn’t turn out the way they wanted. And then those same clients end up turning into repeat clients for me because they want to have this experience again and again. That’s how I can assure you that we get it RIGHT.

Boudoir is NOT about the images and the price. It’s about the connection with yourself and your sensuality and the celebration of your body and femininity. When you consider the cost, I want you also to also consider everything that comes along with it. This is an investment in YOU.



All of our Experiences AND our products or packages are available for a payment plan via in-house, PayPal Credit, Affirm & Sezzle so you’ve got options.

Payment plan lengths can range anywhere from 2-24 months, which make your payments super affordable.


Pre-payment plans can be with in-house which is interest free. You would decide on a package and make payments on it in the amount and frequency you specify leading up to your session date. If you decide you want more images than what’s in the package you chose, you are welcome to add them in at your viewing.


I hope this helps shed some light on the cost and affordability of our Boudoir Experiences. 

In closing, I’ll say money comes and money goes, but you never regret the amazing experiences that you’ve had and this would definitely rank among them. Don’t let money be the deciding factor in why you don’t go through with this life changing experience.

You can do this.

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