The Power of Letting Go

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I received a loving note from a client today about how she’d been changed just by having her session with us. How she felt so badass walking out of the studio. That she was still a work in progress but that she felt she could go out and conquer the world. AND SHE HASN’T EVEN SEEN HER PHOTOS YET!

THIS is why I do what I do.

Many women come in to the studio with it in mind to gift the images to a loved one but they never realize until later that this experience is FOR and ABOUT YOU. We joke, we laugh, we trade intimate stories. Sometimes we cry, but most importantly, we speak positively and uplift one another.

maryland boudoir studio, best boudoir photographer in dc and maryland

I have had such an amazing experience GIVING to these women a different view of themselves. A view that has set them on a different course by stepping out and doing something that terrifies them. By accepting themselves JUST AS THEY ARE—not 100 or 30lbs later but RIGHT THERE in the space in time that they are and during their session, a shift occurs. They are able to love the things about themselves they originally thought to be unlovable. The flaws they once saw as a burden, they now see as a unique gift.

I create a safe space for my clients–we call it the “judgement free zone”. They come here and they are comfortable. They are free. Free to be vulnerable, free to share whatever they want to share with us. And what is said never leaves that space.

I’m filled with gratitude. I LOVE what I do. It has afforded me the opportunity to touch the lives of women I probably would have never met in a thousand years. I want to give more of that–more of myself, more of my time. I want to make this experience the very best for every woman who chooses to have a session with us.

And if you’ve been thinking about a session, I dare you to do something different. Be vulnerable, be your alter ego, renew your sense of self. Reclaim your sensuality, forget what everyone says you ought to be and decide for yourself WHO YOU ARE.

That’s the power of letting go.

Feel the fear and do it anyway–we got you!

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maryland boudoir studio, best boudoir photographer in dc and maryland

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The Power of Letting Go

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