One photograph is powerful enough to not only remind you of an event or detail, but can bring you right back to the feelings of the moment.


boudoir photo sessions include:

• Comprehensive Prep guide
• Pre-Session Wardrobe Consultation
• Professional Makeup Application
•Light Hairstyling
• 90 minutes shooting time
• 3 Looks 
• Image reveal & ordering session
• Custom image editing & retouching
• An undeniable confidence boost

The session fee of $500 covers the time and expertise of your personal glam squad and everything listed above.

Your Experience

Handmade art products such as albums, wall art & digital images are sold separately. Please contact us for full details.

Products will arrive 5 to 6 weeks from the date of order.
for clients who'd like to spread out payments, I offer flexible payment plans to fit any budget. this way you're able to take home everything you love from your boudoir experience.

delivery timeline

Wall Art

As your commissioned portrait artist, not only will I create beautiful images you will cherish for all time, I will also custom design your wall art gallery specifically for your space to ensure the perfect fit and show you all the possibilities.  There's nothing more luxurious than you as a beautiful work of art.

The Goddess Album

Signature Album

Muse Acrylic Block

Gift Prints

Fantasy Folio

Glass Treasure Box

Black Walnut Treasure Box

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You have a lovely appearance. But you can spice it up further by stepping into my gorgeous boudoir studio in Washington, DC. Whatever the reason for your portrait session maybe, you are sure to leave the studio feeling beautiful and confident. Thank you for entrusting Boudoir By Veronica to capture your inner and outer beauty through this inspiring journey.

In recent years, boudoir studio photography in Washington, DC has become increasingly popular as a vast majority of women have realized that they have every right to be photographed in a sensual way. Despite the fact that not many of us are movie stars or lingerie models, every woman deserves the spotlight. It could be to share with the person they love or simply to remind themselves that they can shine irrespective of their physical appearance or age.

So splurge on a new outfit, be pampered, and look your best. Stop the clock, take it all in, and make this an event that is all about you celebrating yourself. I cannot wait to see how awe-inspiring you will look. You are going to shine. You will be glowing from head to toe because you will be truly yourself. Walking into Boudoir By Veronica’s gorgeous studio in Washington, DC will prove to be a life-changing experience for you!

How It Works Here

The photography session begins with a pre-shot meeting, during which we sit down and discuss how we can tailor the shoot just for you. In this discussion, we will talk about clothes and work together to make your ideal shot a reality.

At Boudoir By Veronica’s gorgeous studio in Washington, DC, every woman gets an unforgettable photoshoot experience thanks to a combination of lighting, creative set-pieces, and access to our exclusive wardrobe area. During the first few minutes of your session, you will have the opportunity to look through the viewfinder at some of your photographs. As your nerves begin to subside, you will experience an amazing surge of confidence. At this point, you will be self-assured that you can handle this!

Get Ultimate Boudoir Experience At Boudoir By Veronica